Wednesday, 15 October 2008

What ? part 2

Let me start off by bitching about "big brother" creeping into every little aspect of our lives, and nobody seems to care enough to do anything about it. Red Light Cameras, thumb print payments at the grocery store, government spyware (like we really believe that they don't use spyware), the DMV sending all your info to the feds (even though you have to have documentation of proof of citizenship to get an ID, so why do the feds need that info again anyway? and don't try telling me that the feds aren't aware of the people crossing our borders with not-so-nice intentions.) Digital conversion boxes for broadcast tv (digital receivers can be tracked to intimately private locations.) Camera "sensors" at controlled and lighted street intersections to "know when there's a car approaching" (I'm sorry, but when I'm the only one on a road, and there is no cross traffic, why would such a sensor turn my light to red? Pictures much??!) "No Call" lists mean nothing anymore, I get spam crap on my cell phone. Not right!... (It's the only phone I have, and I've registered it on every no-call list to date...) Etc...

To paraphrase Mambo #9 "a little bit of big bro in my life, a little bit of socialism on my right, a little bit of communism on my left, a little..." lack of freedom wrapped in smoke...let's all dance now...on our way to get rid of the defunct an inadequate people running every little faction of our individual lives. Every last one of them I used to think that Pink Floyd"s "The Wall" was just a great rebellious album that stoner teenagers listened to, and later in life that it made sense to listen to it in a nostalgic manner. Nowadays it seems all too clear that they were on to something quite significant in our current state of so-called democracy in this brave new world of freedom. Free? Really? I, um, wait...wait, oh, but um...war is...we're fighting to keep our, wait...hold on, let me wrap my mind around this...ow....................... I have many memories of many men telling me that if they hadn't fought for us, we'd all be speaking German...when did the Germans all become Spanish?

To worked up to continue, as I'm not a public speaker, and only a few read this anyway. Goodnight, and good luck!


eristar said...

Calm down...deep breaths...Smile!

Lisa said...

Dude, I know, right?