Sunday, 5 October 2008

I was only supposed to work until 10 last night. That didn't work out so well. You see, one of our other drivers was sent home by the owners because he hadn't switched his car insurance carrier yet. Unfortunately, I have the same insurance company as him. However, the owners don't know that I haven't switched yet either. The reality of the matter is that I don't have the money to switch insurance providers yet. I digress... So I worked until 12:15 last night. That kinda sucked. It was good for the tips (more or less), but still, I ran out of gas again last night. On my way home from work. Well, I didn't actually run outta gas, but the light came on again, followed by that pleasant "ding", just to let me know.

Yesterday, before work (alternately: all my troubles seemed so far away...) I was watching some clips from Top Gear, a BBC production that I like. One segment was about a 2007 Audi A8 Turbo Diesel. The "challenge" was to see if it could go 800 km (approximately 650 miles) on one tank of gas (18 gallons). It did. I wasn't at all surprised by this, because I once got 720 miles on one tank of diesel in my last car, a 2004 VW Jetta TDI, while on a solo road trip out to Salem, Mass.. What the segment of Top Gear did, though, was make me miss my last car something fierce! I want a diesel powered VW again!!! (manual transmission, of course)

Oddly enough, I didn't dream about cars last night (aka: this morning). Although I did sleep until noon. Come on now, I was up until 4 am! I ate some breakfast, and then headed out to get a new case of cat litter. Unfortunately, I only have a petco card, and I didn't go to petco. I went to Pet Supply Plus, and the litter was labeled as $8.99, but since I don't have their card, I paid $17.00, BOO!!! Then I decided to go rent a movie, so I did. Two movies actually. After that, I decided to make one last trip before heading home again. I happened to pass some kind of rally on the way. A whole bunch of men and women holding signs along the street, in the rain, on Milwaukee Rd north. When I first passed them, I read on of the signs, and I swear it read "Adoption Kills Kids." I thought that was a rather odd statement, and was rather confused. Then, on the way back, I looked at another woman's sign, and it read "Abortion Kills Kids!" That made a bit more sense to me. My next thought was to pull into the parking lot behind them, some how procure a megaphone, and start bitching about how judgmental they were allowing themselves to be. Or how it should be every individuals choice in the matter, and that not everyone can manage any means to rear a child. But, I really didn't want to be arrested today, or lynch mobbed... I could go on for quite a bit on all the intricacies of my feeling on that, but I won't. If any of you want to know, actually want to know, you can probably find a way to ask me. Be prepared though, it has a little to do with the economy... and not just "right and wrong"

Big Picture stuff


There was a business card tucked into the driver-side door of my car this afternoon. It was for an autoshop in Libertyville. The entire thing was written in spanish, but amazingly, I was able to read the whole thing! I would be proud of that, but the spanish words for auto work, are essentially that same as when their written in english. In any case, let me just say once again, that to own a TDI again! There are two simple ways to get phenomenal mileage out of a VW/Audi TDI, and if I'm going to continue slinging pizzas, I could really use the extra mpg... Speaking of, I saw a woman putting some diesel into her Golf TDI a couple weeks ago. She was fairly attractive. I was at the pump right behind her car, putting premium gasoline into my Golf, and yet I couldn't think of any way to start a conversation with her. She had even looked over and half smiled at me! I suck at that game!!! Damn...

I read a bit about the oil spillage in Texas and Louisiana today. That sucks. All that oil back to where it came from. Although it will potentially kills off the plant life where is washed up, so that will not help oil prices either. Arrgg!!! When are we going to have vehicles that don't rely on some kind of fuel? Even electric cars mostly depend on the burning of the fossil fuels that allow for the electricity to be produced, so that doesn't help either. Why hasn't solar power been perfected yet? I mean come on, it's been around since at least 1970. It's now 2008, almost two thousand nine "a.d.". We've made such amazing things work. Although I don't always feel that most of them really help us, there are a few things that make sense to utilize for the betterment of the planet. Solar Power is one of those things. I heard a news report that some school, Harvard maybe, had figured out how to turn a parking lot into a solar energy collector, and when tested in "real life situations" it worked wonderfully. Now why can't we implement that kind of technology into our everyday lifes? I mean really!!!?? It's been around for over 30 years now, you'd think the price would have dropped by now!

I so want to go on, and ramble about all of the other things bouncing around in my synopsis' but I need to feed myself before I get so worked up that I pass out. I am already sick of pizza. That happened once before, when I was 14, and working as a cook at Pizza Hut. It's so wrong to get sick of pizza. At least if you eat the kind of pizza that I do, with all kinds of toppings on in. A proper pizza can be a full serving of recommended fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meats if you make it right. On that note, I'm going to go preheat my oven, and reheat some mostly good pizza!

To those I love, I haven't changed my mind. Those of you I have met, yet don't like, that's why I don't talk to you ever! To all of those I haven't met face to face, hopefully you are the type that knows how to laugh in the face of adversity, and not take up arms. If not, then you suck, and leave me alone! Lisa, I hope my analysis of your crazy violin dream was helpful!

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Lisa said...

Your dream analysis was awesome and made me laugh. Go read the comment I posted after yours on that one!