Thursday, 14 August 2008


I have not much to say tonight. I met another actual live woman tonight. Her name is Joy. She's one of my crazy neighbor Jessica's friends, much more on a level plane though... My boss Matt annoyed me at work today, nothing really new about that. The Cubs won again today!!!

Thanks for the feedback Lisa, Mom and Teej. To Teej, I have no idea how to market myself directly to any company I want to market myself to. Thanks though, I will keep working on that! Lisa, thanks for reading my blog, and trying to get Mom into it! Mom, thanks for reading my blog, and trying to get, oh wait, sounding slightly redundant..... April, thanks for listening (aka, reading) my ranting about stuff, and not running away screaming!!

Yeah, this is another night I have not much to say. A whole lot I could, but I feel no need to rant about any of it, at the moment.

Goodnight to all, sleep well and have good dreams! Until tomorrow, I bid you all adieu...


Lisa said...

Good job, Cubbies! Way to sweep the Braves! Way to have an eight-game (so far) winning streak on the road!

Dave, I hope Joy really is on more of an even keel than Jessica, though if they're friends, one has to wonder.

Today's security word: rbwiisrm

teej said...

if you find out where to send a demo, we could get you recorded for cheap/free. we can make it happen if you want it to. either way, ptpwv. and don't you forget it.