Friday, 15 August 2008

How I Hate Money, and Money Hates Me

I don't even know where to start here, that' how, uh, flustered I am right now! I'm set up on a payment plan with Citibank, for my old Radioshack card. Long story, but to sum up, several months ago I had missed a payment, and they screwed me royally. Now the account is closed, but I still owe boatloads of money. Well the deal is that every month, on the 15th, they take $40 out of my bank account. They have never been on time to date, until yesterday, go figure. Yesterday morning, I checked my bank account before work, and I had $42 in it (I know, I am soooo loaded!!!) The payment hadn't gone through, I knew I was getting paid today. So I stopped on my way to work, and got some milk and a fruit salad to go with my lunch. That came to $3.37, but I KNEW that the Radioshack payment wouldn't be taken out until today or tomorrow, as per usual... At work, we just switched payroll companies, for what reason I don't know, but we did. Our last payroll company, that we'd had for as long as I've been there, always deposited into my account at 12:01 a.m.. This new company doesn't deposit until 4:00 a.m.. Well guess what, the Radioshack payment went through at 1:00 a.m., and the purchase I'd made yesterday went through a few minutes later. Which made me over drawn! The real kicker is that technically two payments were "covered" by my bank, so I'll get charged twice! What that means, is that now I can pay my car payment, and my loan payment, and nothing else. No cell phone, no Menards, no Com Ed, my car insurance may or may not be covered. yay. Everybody tells me the same thing, and that is, that I should get a second job. I KNOW!!! I have a bad spine people! I can't stand behind a counter for five hours straight, or roam a showroom floor for 5 hours straight, and still be able to work my full time job the next day!!! At least I have the last/latest Dresden Files book to keep me company for a few days anyway. Whoever invented this monetary system should be resurrected, even if it a small army of people, and they should all be stripped of all money, and some how debilitated, and see how they like it, or, alternatively, they should all be shot on sight! I think we should all go back the barter system. I hate to say it, because it never really works out well (look at China), but if Communism worked, I might even give that a shot, but I sure won't be moving to China anytime soon!

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teej said...

i've been having a lot of the same kind of problems with the 'hole i bank at. i check online and via telephone quite frequently to make sure i know my balance (check registers suck), but their online and phone services are never accurate (as i found out too late) and i keep overdrafting my account. i'm considering the money-mattress method of banking...eziojg