Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Of all the things to say to your children!

My day started alright today. Yesterday I spent money I really shouldn't have, but I need juice with breakfast. I ran out of cereal this morning, but I had enough to eat most of a bowl's worth at least. I couldn't bring a lunch to work, because I had nothing to bring for lunch. So I prepared myself mentally to go without lunch. Well at work, I broke down, and asked my boss Joe if I could get a very small loan so I could go grocery shopping after work (because I really hate not getting lunch, I'm starving by 8 am everyday anyway). He was kind enough to oblige. I still didn't have lunch at work, but on my way home I hauled ass to Jewel to get some sustenance! I had just grabbed a basket by the entrance near the deli, when I heard a mom say to her children, who were asking for fruit, not fruit snacks, actual fruit, "No, I don't have enough money for fruit! I could care less if you guys eat fruit!" In my state of awe, I glanced at her cart as we passed, and it had Name brand sugary cereal, and a HUGE bottle of Jack D in it. Pure sugar for the kids and about a gallon of ulcer inducing drink for her (or possibly Dad, but either way!) Get the kids some damn fruit, put the sugar back, and get something healthy for them, or at least get some cereal with some actual fruit in it for goodness sakes!!!!!!! I couldn't believe that, I wanted to grab her and shake some sense into her!!! Hell, I drink too much, and I even managed to bypass the liquor dept, because I needed food first and foremost! With that said, I need to make some food! April, if you read this, I hope round two is going better, and I'm glad you have access to public transportation, and that you use it! I wish that had been an option for me when I was in that spot. Okay, I really must eat before I pass out here! Love to my family! And Mom, thanks for getting Lisa and I fruit when we were kids! Love ya!


Lisa said...

I'll add my thanks to Mom for the fruit. And for loving us enough to get food that was good for us instead of whatever we were whining for that we didn't need on any given day. Our mom ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks you two, you made my morning! Who needs coffee any more - Ithink I'll go to the store for more fruit!!! Love you...Mom