Wednesday, 20 August 2008

What's a guy to do?!

Well I am waiting on my new phone, and knowing my luck (it sucks my own a**), it may be more than 7 days before I get it. The ever so cheery sales girl at T-Mobile asked me yesterday if "I know any friends who have old T-Mobile phones, because I could just put my sim card in that one..." No shit lady, I know how it works. Let's see, friends...uh, nope, not that I actually see in real life anyway. Okay, friends with T-Mobile as their current or previous cell provider, check the "no" box. My old phones...yeah, two of them. My most recent "old phone" doesn't stay on for more than say about 2 SECONDS!!! Hence, getting a new phone... The other one is so old it won't recognize the updates my sim card has gotten in the last five fricking years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What this all boils down to, is that I can't make or receive any phone calls, meaning that I missed my Mom's call this afternoon, that she placed before getting on an airplane to Europe, I have no idea what's going to be waiting for me at work tomorrow, and I can't even call my Sister, Booger Brain, to tell her about any of this tonight! Can I hear a collective ARRRGGGGGGGG!!!? A to the R to the R R G! Go team! Oh, wait, screw the team.

Not the Cubs though, although I can't get WCIU on my tv because my expensive digital receiving antenna, which is hooked up to a digital converter box, just refuses to get that one bloody channel in!!!

On a side note, I just made a $100+ payment on my one actual credit card this weekend, and when i called the number to check my balance this morning, I am amazingly overdrawn, AGAIN!!! And I didn't even make a purchase, go figure. So I spent my last $7 on cat food for Marley today, at least one of gets to eat. All I want to do right now is talk with the only family member I talk to, who's in the country right now, and watch the Cubs game. Oh well. The worst part is, Booger Brain can dial my number all she wants, but all she's going to get is my bloody voicemail, which I can't even check!!!!! What a crappy Wednesday.

Happy Birthday Jessica! And out of all the reasons I didn't want to go to your party, and for all the reasons I should go to your party now, I think I will save everybody from my out loud and in your face ranting on this very special day for you... You're welcome. :)

Lisa, I love you! Teej, we'll talk one of these days. April, hope you're well, and I missed hearing from you today! And to everybody else that might read this, I hope your life is going well!

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Lisa said...

I love you back, Ugly Butt. And don't worry. We can communicate through the wonderful world that is the blogosphere. The most important thing I have to say is qjdbfm. Why is there always a q?