Saturday, 30 August 2008

What happened to Friday?

Well, as it's Saturday night, I plainly made it through Friday! It wasn't the most enjoyable Friday I've had, but here I am the next day!!! I spent a little bit of time earlier today, hanging out with my crazy neighbor, Jessica. The first time she stopped by she brought her old friend (who's name I don't remember, because I'm really bad with names:( ) from WI. Jessica was a kid there for an undetermined amount of time. Then later she came back, and chilled with me while watching episodes of CSI on dvd. Then I shared an aspect of my life with her, and she left in a rather uncomfortable manner. She is plainly not the one for me. Sexy as hell? Yes. A Keeper, not so much. And as I'm not one for one night stands, or flings, I guess my libido will have to wait even longer to get it's satisfaction, damn...

I did get to see an episode of Dr. Who tonight, School Reunion, and I must say, HOORAY FOR GOOD OLD FASHION BROADCAST TV!!!! Yeah, it sucks not having cable. No mythbusters, or Cash Cab, or Dr Who (on a regular basis, or any new episodes for that matter...), no anything on Discovery Channel or Spike, or SciFi or anything :( I suppose I'll live, but holy sweet mother of boredom, this sucks!

So I got paid yesterday, and I am totally broke anyway. My bank, which isn't really my bank, because my bank was bought out by "Bank of America", has a policy that LaSalle never had, and screwed me over worse than LaSalle ever did. So for the next... well I would say the next two weeks, but I should really say the next several months, I am unable to buy groceries, or cat food, or cat litter. Let alone my vices of cigarrettes or beer. The beer I can go without. However, without having anything to do, or anybody to hang out with (aka, any distractions) not having cigs is not a good thing. I want to quit on my own terms, not because I can't afford anything. It's one thing to not have enough money to smoke, but when you have no money to buy food, it's a slightly worse situation. Everybody else is psyched about the tree day weekend. I am not psyched, because I can't use my grill, let alone go buy anything to put on my grill even if I could use it. Oh hell, I used the last of my milk this morning, so I'll be eating dry cereal tomorrow morning, yay! At least I got to see an episode of Dr. Who tonight:)

Well I am going to call it a night, and go to sleep soon. I hope the day when I don't have to bitch about how I am struggling comes soon. I hate that the people I care about have to read about my strife, but I don't yet know how to stop this crap. One day though, I promise you, I will figure something out, and when that happens, I will have more cheery things to blog about! I swear! Until then, I bid you all a good night, and I love you all (well most of you anyway:))

Hey Booger Brain, thanks for listening to my bs for the last couple of days! I promise that I will not cry on your shoulder so much that it starts to dissolve! I love you!

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