Thursday, 21 August 2008

son of a two faced jackal

I got a call on the work line this morning. It was from Citibank, Radioshack division. I was told that my minimum payment of, $192.38, is 51 days past due, and I owe payment immediately. Funny, I am still on a payment plan with them, where they take money out of my account every month, which is supposed to stop next month. When i informed the caller of this, I was told that that payment plan has nothing to do with my past due bill....?! The point of the plan was to take care of my "over the limit, PAST DUE bill", many months ago. In the time the plan has been in effect, the total sum so far has exceeded what I owed them in the first place! Doesn't mean diddly now I guess. This type of practice simply can't be legal, but it would seem it is. I am ridiculously tired of all this bs. I need to win the lottery, oh wait, I can't afford to buy a ticket, damn. I need to find a roommate or something, oh wait, tried that, didn't work. I need a better paying job, oh wait, bad back. Maybe I should apply for disability payments, oh wait, i can walk without aid, my eyes and ears and mind work just fine, never mind. A government grant maybe? Oh wait, our government in trillions of dollars in debt, why would they give me anything? College maybe, oh wait in the last year my credit score has dropped almost 150 points, no loan for me. I need to meet a nice, level headed girl. Oh wait, I can't afford the gas to ever take her out, let alone pay to do anything, damn...damn...double damn!!! Why isn't it bed time yet? I just want to go to sleep, oh wait, my dreams suck too. I am so bloody pissed, stressed (horny, kinda), and bored! I had a flash of my life once, when i was 12 or 13, and it was of myself as an older man. I was alone, so I figured I would be alone, but damnit, I was OLD in that flash, not 28!

This may end up being erased, just like my third post ever was deleted...but I'll leave this one up long enough to be read by people. Any suggestions anybody has, that doesn't involve coffee shops, or a job i can't physically manage, I will listen, I promise!

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Lisa said...

JC Penney at Hawthorne is hiring photographers, no experience required.

And vnolplj. Hey, no Q!