Friday, 8 May 2009

Hey y'all

I just felt like taking this when I got home. It seems I am the only person with nothing to do today. The Passat you can see in the background belongs to a guy, who I think is deployed somewhere. That poor VW has been without it's owner for about a year now. I saw it's owner get picked up last by some guys in a massive pickup truck, registered to the NAVY, he got in with his larger than average duffel bag, and he hasn't been back. So I figure I have nothing to really bitch about.

Have yourselves wonderful weekends!

It's Friday, crank some good tunes and find something to laugh about!

Peace out!

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eristar said...

Good morning! It's Saturday, so I won't see you on line before I head off to work, and I thought I'd just say hi! (And yes, I have tunes playing...right now it's "I Love Rock and Roll" - pretty fitting! Hope your weekend goes swimmingly...
LESSETR - rather than MORETR.