Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Hey y'all

Oh wow, has it been a wonderful day. Last night, during a conversation with a new friend, I found out something about an old "friend". The information obtained was not of the warm and fuzzy variety, but more the swallow a sword and take a shot of salt kind. I know how blackouts can be a bit of a problem at times, and a worry at that, but how I missed all my actions last year is beyond me. It seems that at some point last year, I spent quite a while obsessing over a certain woman, and on top of that, I was stalking her. Now I know, this comes as no surprise to anybody...........oh wait! Yes it does! Most of all, ME!!!!!!!!!!! What, in all of the gibbletygook out there, is that about?! I remember the conversing with said woman fairly well, and it seems to me that she was the one trying to hang out with me... But hey, I guess it's every woman's prerogative to change her mind about events, and how those events transpired. Right? Oh, hold on, no! Not like that! I mean come on! This reminds me of the time I spent in high school, and why I was unable to get a girlfriend that attended the same school after the start of my sophomore year. Rumors, lies, and weak minds. That girl told me that she was breaking up with me because I wouldn't quit smoking, when instead, she told everybody else that I was a chauvinistic bastard, who wanted nothing but sex. Now normally, in a spot like this i would simply say "people. I tell ya". But in this case, I will risk a few castrations, and say: Women, I tell ya!

Okay then. With that off my chest (almost), I will move on. So today started off alright, excluding the first memory I had of last night, upon waking this morning. I was able to sleep in a bit, shower at a leisurely pace, and prepare myself for the work day for a little longer than usual. However, about the time I pulled out of my parking lot, a sudden cluster headache attacked my head and neck. For those of you unaware of what a cluster headache is, imagine a migraine (or if you're lucky enough to have never felt one of those, just a really really bad noggin splitter), and then focus that migraine into small spots in your head. Then, that small spot of blinding pain moves around from one hemisphere to the other, as well as front to back. It effects everything from the top of the neck, to the sinus', to the eyes, and everything in between, in no particular order or expectancy. It's a blast, let me tell you. At least the phone didn't ring too much today. However, there was a meeting with one of our supply reps, and I kept wincing my eyes (trying not to grunt from the discomfort) which got me some funny looks from the account rep. I lasted the duration of the work day, and had a fairly good lunch at the midway point, yay! As I was driving home my phone started ringing. Thinking it would be one of a few people, i answered it in a somewhat happy manner. It turned out to be a woman from my current management co., asking me if it would be okay with me to let them show another person my apartment. I wanted soooo badly to snap at her, and say "NO! NO IT"S NOT!!!!!" in a resounding fashion. But I bit my tongue, and said instead "Yeah, I guess." Thinking she would end the conversing there, I discovered I was wrong. Instead, she told me that another guy had mentioned to her that I have a cat. She then proceeded to inform me that this building has a no pet policy. Really? I didn't f'ing know that. Then she asked how long I've had him here, and I did something I despise doing. I twisted the flow of time, and told a bit of a lie. I told her that my ex had just moved in with somebody that is allergic to cats, and I got my cat back from her just a short time ago. I've probably just cursed myself for repeating that. Oh well, what's another curse in my life going to do? Make me more unhappy? Ha! That'll be the day... Now I just wonder if I'll get any less of my security deposit, which originally was way more than what I pay for rent at this apartment. I guess time will tell.

In happier news, I've just ordered a pizza from Lou Mal's (Malnatis), yay!!! It should be here in a little while (again, YAY!!!), so I should wrap this up now, as to not be smearing tomato sauce on this keyboard when said pie arrives. I hope everybody had a better time of their day today, than I did! My good eats are on the way, and I hope everybody else has/had some good eats today as well! Good music for all, and have a laugh or two for me!

Peace out y'all!

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eristar said...

Hope your head is better, your cat is forgiven for living there, and the pizza was divine!
DEDUC...as opposed to degoose.