Monday, 18 May 2009

Mindsets, Hard Drives, and Life

Hey y'all!

I'm gonna have to keep this short, as this computer's hard drive is working mad overtime for some reason. I can only figure that it's been compromised by some malevolent person, or maybe by me spouting off about things that certain people would say I have no right to talk about.

This past weekend had some weird moments. mainly concerning my crazy neighbor. In the interest of fairness, some of the moments were with my soon to be house mates. In any case, my mind has been flipping out on more axles than usual. I am here though, and I am trying to remain stable, though some might say I am not doing so hot at it... For instance, I have once again been abusing a social website by sharing personal revelations best kept here, where random people who have no understanding of who I am have no ability to read about topics that I find myself dabbling in. This time, it's not such a heated debate, just debate plain and simple. I can't seem to stop myself from such things. I have no training, and no degree stating I should be able to talk about any of the things I tend to dwell on. Yet random people have started telling me that I write almost too well. I need to remember that I can't let that get to me! I am not anybody's hero, or a great debater, or a philosopher...I am just a simple man barely getting by. That is all I want to be. I'd rather just slip by, and do my thing, and go unnoticed. Why do I keep screwing that up??!!!! Oh wait... I need to break out of my inner hell, and remember how to be social! Hold on a second, the reason I am so antisocial is because of my brain, and that I can't seem to do much but go on about shit that doesn't really matter to almost anybody I've ever talked with! Right!

Okay, this computer is about to crash, so I must end this now, which is definitely a good thing for anybody reading this! Go listen to some good music, chill out, laugh, eat something good, and generally be yourself!

Peace out y'all!

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eristar said...'s Tuesday. Does that help at all???
JUSLIMPO - when you are really drunk and you twist your ankle...