Thursday, 14 May 2009

Packing and Allergies

Hey y'all!

I received a phone call this afternoon which informed me that my apartment will begin to be shown...this Saturday! Crap! I guess it's not that bad. When I moved into this apartment, I only moved from all the way down the.........hall. That time however, I had already vacuumed thoroughly, and was able to move Marley, his water and food bowls, and his litter box down the hall. This time however, as I am not only moving out of this building, but out of town, and out of this county for that matter. Hiding Marley will not be a realistic option this go around. My management company already knows I have a cat (although this is technically a "no animals allowed" building). So what is the concern? The fear is that I don't know the allergy status of the woman coming to check out my apartment this Saturday at lunch time. But, there isn't much I can do to prevent any potential allergy reaction at this point. Even if I remove Marley, and his things from sight, the fact of the matter is that his hair is embedded everywhere! So in the meantime, I've officially started packing, slowly...

There has been something in the recent news that has been pissing me off this week. Some kid at a highschool, in Lockport, pulled an end of year prank, and is now in facing some extraordinary discipline. The prank he pulled has been overdone for the last few decades, and rarely resulted in what this poor kid is facing. For those who haven't heard about this, I'll now explain (although this will most likely send up red flags with big bro). A kid, aged 15, concocted a home made stink bomb. He set it off in the hallway of his school, causing only minor damage, in the form of mild skin irritation, and possibly one asthma trigger. Nobody died, or was injured severely, or was maimed, etc.. Now he is being charged with detonating a chemical bomb in a public area. What the $#^&?!!!!!!!!! When I was in attendance at Hersey, there wasn't a year that passed without somebody setting off a stink bomb near the end of the year, or many times in between summers. Not all of those stenches were store bought either! By the age of 15, a large amount of hooligans have learned how to create such a device. The anarchist's cookbook is not the only way either. Chemistry, physics, biology, history, home ec., and so on, teach such things as well. Not everybody has the mental capacity to decipher the potential applications of such chemical mixes, but a large gaggle of kids do. Hell, the home made "volcano" is nothing more than a chemical reaction. Although setting off a chemical reaction that creates more stink than lava flow is more annoying, this poor kid is facing possible jail time for his action! Acts of brutal violence happen every damn day, usually resulting in murder of one kind or another. A stink bomb may, well, stink, but it ain't gonna kill you! This damned post 9/11 society we live in has brought big brother out for all to see, and now a kid is facing damnation for an innocent prank, which twenty, thirty, or even just 10 years ago would have resulted in nothing more than a slap on the wrist! This has to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been wanting to get that off my chest for a few days now, but have been more concerned with keeping people content lately. But enough is enough! Okay, now I'm all pissed off, so I will end this here.

Love, Peace, Music, Laughter, Food, Freedom, and Good Times to all!!!!!!

Peace out!


eristar said... least it's Friday! :)
RESSIO - a Cassio ripoff.

eristar said...

Hmmm - I could have sworn last night (Friday) that you said you posted a new blog - I was looking forward to my Saturday morning read... :(
AMINGS - plural of amongs.