Saturday, 9 May 2009

Hey y'all

I just met my quota for the year on something! What might that thing be you ask? I ate a hotdog! It was a true Chicago style dog, but whoever prepared it seems to have gone a little crazy with the celery salt, boo. Now I have that taste stuck in my mouth. On the other hand, the cheese fries were pretty good! Okay, enough about what I ate for dinner tonight. Now begins the worry about moving, and who I'm going to be living with. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't care much about the mood swings, and the drama that comes through the front door from time to time, but at this point there are unfortunate consequences involving the potential denial of a drug regiment. Should that happen, I would be struggling with finances more so than I am now. I don't want it to come to that, but that's just the way my mind works. Expect the worst possible situation first. I guess you could say that I never see the glass half full, or half empty, but instead see the rock coming outta nowhere and shattering said glass. I'm not the one with the drug regiment, but most people don't know what will happen if the drug controlled individual stops taking those drugs. It would be extraordinarily bad, for them more than me. But as I've already started the proverbial ball rolling, I can't/won't back out now. Opportunity knocks rarely, and cold feet only last so long. (Hey Julia, how's that for phrase use? :)) Oh, right, missed one, I guess I'll just have to cross those bridges when they come, wait...and remember how to swim should one break... Okay, that should do it! Nope, I'll remember to keep my chin up, head above the water, roll with the punches, and try to be the best (friend) that I can be!!!

In the mean time, I'm watching the Cubs game, and hoping they can pull this one out, which isn't looking too good at the moment. I went to the bank today, and got the last, or maybe the second to last, roll of quarters that I'll need to wash my clothes! Hey, I'm trying to see the small things in a positive light, so pardon me for getting excited about that. I had kind of a weird start to my day, and without going into much detail here, it included a feeling of guilt. I had nothing to feel guilty about, I just did. I guess it was for feeling nervous about moving. Or possibly because of the drama I tried to stop last night. Or maybe it was just because I woke up with back pain, and didn't even tell anybody I was leaving this morning. In any case, I got home, wrote a quick message to Julia, and then crawled into my own bed, and got myself some rather relieving comfortable sleep. Since then, my back has felt better, my guilty feeling has faded, but my brain is still running in circles. So I'm just going to watch the rest of the Cubs game, have a couple beers, maybe watch a movie, and then start the whole sleep cycle over again.

Until next time, peace out y'all!


Lisa said...

I also woke up with back pain and not at home. However, there was no drama involved in my night and I had no guilt upon waking. Well, no more than usual, anyway. Dang that Catholic upbringing.

litgov: If only they were. The country would be a much happier place. ;)

eristar said...

Well, hopefully, your steadying presence will help all involved! .

INGREARS - which, needless to say, is much better than outgrears.