Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Moving Pundit Speak

Hey y'all

The delay in posting was due to my computer acting more disgruntled than me. So on it's behalf, I will extend apologies to you, the reader. Sorry.

So the move is approaching rapidly, and my boxes are filling at a sloths pace. I just don't know what I can, or rather should, just throw away. I'm not sure what to do about my bed. Most things I own should probably be taken to the dump, but I have ethical issues with that. Goodwill is an option, but when it comes to everything in my kitchen, I just don't know. The microwave is not needed, or the toaster, or any of the silverware (albeit it not actual silver) or my dishes. As most of my dishes has been handled by me and my occasionally clumsy ex for the duration of their use, most everything is cracked, or just plain gone. So as much as I may think it wise to pack it, and store it, I may be better off just buying new table wares whenever I move out on my own again (or maybe even not alone, depending on what the future holds for me). I can't stand walmart, but Super Target is my newer shopping destination. Then there is always my poor computer desk. I got that desk when I got my first apartment, and through several moves since, it's time may have come. Again, I hate to do it, but since it was purchased at IKEA, I'm fairly certain I can find a new one on the cheap when the time comes. One thing I'd love to discard of is Marley's chair. The indestructible IKEA chair (you know the one), that turns out is not so solid, as my forearm found out several months ago. So it's not so much good for human use these days, but for feline relaxation it works just dandy! Enough about my indecisiveness...

There have been some stories in the news of late that have gotten my blood simmering. I really need to stop watching the news, and turn off all the speakers on the office phones that sit in clear audible proximity to my desk there. In the warehouse my MP3 sound blaster takes care of that, but it's not for use up in the office. Oh well. I do find it all too amusing though, that the politicians are now starting to once again talk about raising taxes, while others are talking about reform in the system, and don't even get me started on Chicago's current mayor! Stop raising taxes, and fire all the redundant employees!!! If they really want to save millions of dollars, just the firing of pointless jobs would take care of that. I have many other ideas as well, but this is not a political blog, so I won't pretend it is! One last comment on that: Why the hell do we keep sending hundreds of millions of dollars to countries that don't care about us, nor will ever pay us back?! We have problems here, give us our money back damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, there was in fact a long lapse in time since I wrote that last paragraph and now. You can all thank my crazy neighbor for that one! But since my mindset has gone way off course, and I've lost the rhythm with which I was writing, I guess I'll end this now. Sorry, I didn't even want to end this on a pundit vibe. So I guess I'll drag this out a bit more! I just turned on that stupid massive talent show (of which I usually only watch the auditions), and some guy just said "peace out", causing me not to want to use that word combo anymore! Son of a bitch! Eh, screw that, I've been using that for a long time, and as I can actually claim that I have experience with both ghetto punks and hippie freaks, I have every right to use it! So on that note, peace out y'all!!! Go listen to some music!

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eristar said...

As long as he didn't add "y'all" to the "Peace out" I think you're safe!
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