Friday, 22 May 2009

Another One Bites the Dust (sad day)

Hey y'all

Today started off crappy, and the got worse as it went along. I woke up a few minutes late, grabbed a quick shower, then forgot I didn't have any clean dishes (cereal bowl or glass specifically). I decided to grab breakfast at McD's instead of taking the 30 seconds it would have taken me to wash 1 bowl and one cup. Silly me. But it's payday, and I do, from time to time, treat myself to breakfast prepared by somebody else. I didn't have enough time to go to a proper sit down joint this morning, so I hit the Donald. Bad decision, because when I got my food, and pulled around to park I discovered that the hash browns were burnt pretty much black, and the sandwich tasted like it had been sitting somewhere other than a heating rack, and not re-microwaved. So I forwent eating more than two bites. A large amount of the populous go's without breakfast, but with my stupid metabolism I cannot do that without suffering. But I sucked it up, and just drank the coffee instead, which also sucked. So after I got my drivers on the road, and a last minute return processed, I went online to check my email. As I opened up the email I got from the Kathy and Judy Show, the clock hit 9 a.m., when the Kathy and Judy Show starts on WGN Radio. Before I could read the first sentence, they started reading what it contained, live on the air. They have been deemed canceled, by the newer management at that station. So today was their last show. Their producer of the last 8 years or so, put together an amazing tribute, which they played in segments throughout the 3 hour slot they've held for nearly 20 years. It was funny as hell, but then when Beth introduced the personal tribute she had made for them, she started crying on the air. That was it, I started tearing up, but restrained myself, as it's never a good thing to answer the phone while blubbering like an idiot. (That's right, men do cry on occasion) When I started working in the office years ago, and was forced to listen to WGN Radio all day long, I couldn't stand them. For the first few days, and then the first Sex Thursday I'd heard came around, and I started liking them a little bit more. They have grown on me considerably since then, always finding ways to make me laugh, even on my darkest down and out days. Anyway, as the morning dragged by, and my stomach became more and more displeased with me, I couldn't bring myself to go get an early lunch, as I didn't want to miss a second of their final show. So when noon finally came, I went to get lunch, one costing more than $3. But by the time I got back to the office, the fries were cold, and the ribeye steak sandwich was rather fatty through and through. So I've barely eaten anything to day, my favorite show on the radio is no more, and I felt like complete ass all day. On a plus side, it was so quiet at work today that I got to go home an hour early. My sister got a kick ass tattoo today, and she sent me a pic on my phone. That is a wicked awesome, baddass, cool tatt Lisa!!! You are the first person I know that has a comedy/tragedy ink job, so rock on! Okay, I need to find some food now, hopefully more palatable than my first two attempts went today!

Peace out y'all! For those of you that get to enjoy a 3 day weekend, have some fun with it (and don't drink and drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Good music and eats and laughs to all!


Lisa said...

Sorry your day sucked weasel spit, but thanks for the complement! I LOVE this tattoo. Love you, Ugly Butt!

harver: an actor who has been in Harvey over and over and over.

eristar said...

Hey, may your food be WAYYYY better today!
Hahahaha - love the Harvey reference, Lisa!
MUDDLING - usually paired with "along" - which pretty much describes my life...