Wednesday, 13 May 2009

More Trees, Less People Please.

Hey y'all!

Another beautiful day brought to us by Mother Nature! If you're a puddle anyway, or a drought stricken field. I've always felt connected to the world around me, excluding most humans that is. I'll admit, and my family can confirm, that when I was a "little" kid, I would run up to trees and hug them, and talk to them! I haven't done that in somewhere around 23-24 years now, nor have I really had the urge to do so either! I do, however, mentally extend my apologies to the tree I wrapped a car around on Palatine Rd., and nod to it every time I drive past it. It was only a few years old when that happened, and today it stands tall and proud, displaying the scar I gave it, albeit several feet higher up it's trunk these days. Ironically, it was the trunk of my car that inflicted the carnage to that innocent tree. That accident was brought to you by the amazing impatience of man kind. Why people feel the need to speed up to block you from merging, after you've engaged the proper signaling device, and checked your blind spot, boggles my noodle!!! And then to watch the effect of their actions unfold in front of them, while I did everything I could to correct my car (too bad I had only been licensed for about a year and 3 months at the time, and therefor had a small piece of a fraction of the knowledge I now retain about the physics of large metal objects careening faster than all the horses in an engine can go), and then not even stop to see if I was okay after colliding with said tree at slightly elevated speeds. No one did for that matter. People, I tell ya.

Moving on, I almost witnessed yet another accident on my way home today, and this time it was me that was about to be t-boned!!! By another Golf driver!!! Doesn't anybody read, and comprehend the Rules of the Road these days? Or know how a four way, controlled intersection works, and who gets the right of way in all possible scenarios for that matter?! Anyway, collision was avoided, and the proper right of passage was achieved. This is why I don't like to talk on my phone while driving, as the other driver was when they blew off the stop sign today. Well I guess I shouldn't say that they blew it off per say, more like slowed down from 40, to about 15 mph (in a neighborhood school zone at that). I had been waiting patiently, at a complete stop in the left hand turn lane, for the rest of the people to remember how a four-way stop sign works (when there are turn lanes involved) before I made my turn. I don't even think the other guy saw me, at all. In a similar vein, I had to run out to get some toner from one of our vendors today, and while meandering up Rte 21, I saw a woman who was driving a manual car. I don't know why I always find that so peculiar, as I'm not sexist against female drivers (I am equally prejudice towards all that act like bloody morons on the roadways, regardless of hormonal predisposition). I have often wondered though, why, when women tend to be way better at multitasking, almost every woman, of any age, has told me that changing gears is just too complicated a task. Weird.

My cat is now giving me his "feed me NOW, or I'll hurt you" look. Okay, now he doesn't have to anymore. I wonder how fast Brent will regret telling me that he has no problem with my bringing Marley with me? I once used to try to "keep up" with brushing him, but it is an endless endeavor. I can brush him for an hour, create hair sculptures with, continue to brush him, and five minutes after I'm done, it's like I never picked up a brush!!! On a side note, the attachment "mini vac" head for my vacuum has decided to quit, it's a sad day. I can't figure it out either. It's not clogged, nor tangled, the belt isn't cracked or broken, or stretched, or worn. The suction from the hose is just fine as well. It just doesn't want to work anymore. Perhaps it is protesting the insane amounts of white hair it's picked up over the last couple of years that I've had it. Who knows. I will be searching for a replacement part soon enough!

Okay, enough of the ramblings for today. I'm going to get off my ass, and take a walk, in the rain and the mud. I find it soothing. That and, I'm almost outta smokes. I know Aji, I should quit right now! Not gonna happen today, sorry. I hope you all had a fabulous hump day, and that everyone smiled a least once! (Regardless of the rains that may have fallen in your area!)
Oh, Julia, you now reserve the right to smack me upside the back of my head, not once, or twice, but three times! Hee hee...

Peace out y'all!


Lisa said...

Do it, Julia, smack him! ;)

sadlyzed: the opposite of gladlya.

eristar said...

All I want to know is how it got to be Thursday already!!!
CHENCL - what you get when you cross a cheetah with a pencil.