Monday, 11 May 2009

The Bank, The Fuzz, and Other Stuff

Hey Y'all!

Although my recent drought of posts is only one day long, I'd like to extend my apologies to everyone who was saddened yesterday (or this morning) when they checked here for more of my irrelevant ramblings, only to find none here. Now imagine whatever apology you'd deem acceptable for such inconsideration, and insert it here. Okay, now that that's taken care of, I'll commence with the ramblings.

On Saturday, when I gathered my mail, there was an envelope from my bank. Figuring it was just a statement for the one account I still cause the death of innocent trees for, I tossed it aside. Yesterday, while straightening things up a bit, I decided to open it, just to see what was what. It turns out that I've broken the law. A Federal law at that! Now, not to give away what bank it is in regard to my Keep the Change account (aka, shitty "savings account"). Okay, let me explain. I used to only have one checking account, well really, that was the only account I had at all. When I got my last car (and how I miss that TDI), and found out how much it was going to cost for an oil change and other routine maintenance (once the new car warranty expired) on a diesel would cost, I opened a second checking account, and started having a small chunk of my direct deposit get routed into the second account every pay period. Things were going well, and then life happened, and I ended up living alone, losing that car, and living paycheck to paycheck. Then, of all things, my bank at the time got bought out by my current bank. Suddenly the keep the change program was available to me, and I figured, why not? Things were going along well for a while, and then I hit hard times once again. So, with that said, for the last few months, I've been juggling around monies from my three accounts, online. Mainly to help avoid becoming overdrawn. It seems that last month, I exceeded the Federal limit on withdrawals, from the "savings" account. Funny. No really, I'm laughing... Hardy har har... I could see if I was moving around large amounts of finances, between various banks, and off shore accounts and the like. That is obviously not the case. I'm moving my own "change" around internally, in the same damn bank where all my accounts are held! Chump change! I'm not in trouble yet, but should I do that again, there will be problems. What a bunch of crap! Mess with actual money launderers people! I'm just trying to save myself $33 for going overdrawn for an hour before my payroll hits!!! And it's not even like my "savings" account bears any interest!!! Bull hockey I tell you, bull hockey! Stupid banks and laws (grumble grumble grumble...).

Okay enough about the bank and the fuzz. Yesterday I went to a local super market, and when I emerged from the mass mayhem, I got back to my car and found a business card tucked between my windshield and one of my wiper blades. It read "I saw your headlights! It looks like they could use some work..." Talk about innuendos. Of course, it was in reference to my cars headlights, which are slightly scratched and faded, but luckily not sagging (despite it's age). I will not be calling the number on the card. I will take care of my own headlights, thank you very much! I'm slightly more concerned with the fact that I can't buy color matched paint for my car! Speaking of cars, I saw yet another nasty accident, and once again, before the emergency crew made an appearance. I saw this one on my drive home from work today. 3 cars, 0. Brick wall, 3. Bad odds for the passengers involved.

On a bit more of a positive beat, I went to bed with a towel at the foot of it on Saturday night (almost wrote "with gum in my mouth"). Not only did I have good dreams of travels and new adventures, but I found out, yesterday, that one of my old friends has actually read most of the Hitchhikers books! I really didn't expect that, but then she put up a link on FB, and it seems a whole lot of people are slowly reading the first book, online, one chapter at a time! Talk about coincidence! So that was wicked cool for me to see, hee hee.

Well there's no Cubs game tonight, so I'm not sure what to watch. I have the one show I watch on Monday, House, set to record (as I can't stand the commercial breaks, when I can avoid them anyway). Other than that, I've got nothing planned, shocking I know. However, instead of boring everybody reading this by going off about other things for the next few hours, I will find something else to do now!

Mom, the library didn't have the book in, and it's not due back until after I move. I will find a way to get my hands on it though! :)

Lisa, I was glad to see that you are sharing your Cubs blanket, and that you aren't hogging it all for yourself :)

Julia, how the heck are ya? I look forward to future talks, as per usual :)

Aji, there, I worked on my blog :)

Peace, music, food and love to all! Oh, and don't forget to laugh!

Peace out y'all


Lisa said...

Hey, I am capable of sharing! Even the Cubs blanket, although that does cause a bit of angst. And if you went to bed with gum in your mouth you'd wake up with gum in your hair, which is never fun, especially while wearing your railroad train pajamas.

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eristar said...

Awww - Lisa stole my "Alexander and the Terrible...etc." line...So when do you plan to move to Australia?

Silly banks...Apparently they have nothing better to do than monitor your accounts, especially with the mess the economy is in!

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