Monday, 25 May 2009

One Week More

Hey y'all!

Sorry to leave everyone hanging like that! As most of you know, I started to move this weekend. It started off well enough, until I went into the basement that is. It needs work, lots of work. More than just hole patching and paint. Yippee! I started flipping out (internally, as in, in my head), and had to make a bit of an adjustment to my pride. And don't even get me started on the backyard. Today, Brent and I pulled the remains of what was once a full size couch, from the fire pit!!! It had burned completely down to the springs. I was awed by the audacity of people. Or, as I usually say...people, I tell ya! In good news, the 3 of us (well the two full time residents, and one part time resident) went out for breakfast yesterday, and afterward headed to a local dollar store. It was the best dollar store I've ever been too! Granted, not everything was a dollar, but almost everything was brand name, and for about 1/16 the price of going to a big box store! Whoo hoo! Being a guy, I shop like a guy. Have list, know exactly what I want, and where to get it, and then: go-gather-get the hell out. However, even I can be happy about saving boatloads of money on everyday household stuff!

Now, as I write this, I am sitting back at my apartment, staring at everything left to pack, and how much there is to throw out. Have I ever told you how much I just love the process of moving?! To top that all off, it's Memorial Day, and there's nothing on TV that I want to watch! Stupid holiday weekend marathons...grumble grumble... That's okay though, as I should continue packing and cleaning, oh joy.

I will try to keep up with this blog as often as I can over the next week. There may be a bit of a delay come then end of this week, as I don't have a new email address yet, and I fear that once my current DSL is disconnected I won't be able to log in to my blog... I will work that out as soon as I can figure out how! Until then, I hope everybody had a great weekend!

Peace out y'all!


Lisa said...

Have you contacted Blogspot to ask them how to change your login settings? I'll bet there's a way. Good luck, good luck! I hate moving.

irish: I can't think of anything witty to say about this.

eristar said...

I hate moving too...It's amazing how much stuff we manage to accumulate. I think our non-essential items feel slighted and try to foil us by being fruitful and multiplying during the night...
TEDASTE - nope - got nothing on this one either.