Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Great Wall of My Crap (...Stuff)

Hey Y'all

I am sitting here listening to the radio. Yes, you read the right, the radio. As static crackles just behind the signal, I am reminded of how important music is to me. At the same time as the F.M. signal fills my ears, I am sitting in my computer chair with my legs propped up on the box that will soon be housing the stereo that is giving me some relaxation right now.

A short distance from me is a wall of boxes, pieced together as only a Tetris pro can stack them. Those boxes are filled with most of my worldly crap. Oh wait...I meant to say worldly possessions. Right. As moving goes, I think this is about as well packed as I've ever been. That is to say, there are never enough boxes to fit all of the things I use to make my daily life manageable. But for once, almost everything has a box.

Today has been a bit of a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions for me. I feel peculiarly sad about leaving this building. Not because I have loved being here, but more because I once again learned how to be humble in this building. I learned some major life lessons, and suffered some of those lessons alone, within the walls of this structure. I had been living at the other end of this building for nearly two and a half years. When at that side, I learned how to become an introvert again. I rarely had any visitors, nobody ever called, and I never really went out (except for the walks to the gas station to get smokes). I have so many stories I could share about my time spent down the hall, but I won't do that now. What I will say is that I moved to this apartment #, and one random knock on my door started me back towards the path of being an extrovert. Although that reversal may have gotten me into more trouble than I wanted, and caused a few people to scratch their heads in confusion, it was still a good knock. I have one person to thank for that, and her name is Jessica (aka, my crazy neighbor). I have a few mixed emotions about having met Jessica, and for good reason, but I still need to give her credit for forcing me out of my self constructed shell. I know for a fact that she doesn't read this, but I am still giving her a shout out regardless.

Back to the here and now: The weather prediction has changed since this morning, and it's not cool! For some reason I always seem to have the great fortune of moving during some kind of storm. But, on the bright side, at least this go around it's just some rain and lightning instead of snow and hail and subzero temps! Oh the other hand, tomorrow is going to be a crazy morning at work. Everybody and their cousins decided to order a mother load of supplies today. Which is great for job security, but not good for my drivers' moral, especially on a Friday. But hopefully when they depart, I will be able to secure a mere half day of work. I don't normally request such a thing, but as I need to take care of a small amount of last minute things that can't be taken care of until tomorrow, I'd be mildly pleased to catch a break in time restriction.

I wasn't planning on this night being my last night in this apartment. However, my assistance has been called on, to help with the preparation of the house, so that I can move into it in a better condition. As confusing as that may be, even to me, it needs to be done. Hey, somebody needs to do it, right? Right. Wait...RIGHT! Okay, I guess I should get myself some sleep soon. I'm going to need all the rest I can get before the madness begins once again...

This may be my last post for a few days. It is, however, my last posting from this location. It feels kind of surreal actually. I started this blog, right here in this apartment after all. I don't know how my next set of walls will affect me, or my writings, but I plan to find out, and then to share with all of you! Until then, I continue to wish everybody good eats, good tunes, great laughs, and overall well being! Have yourselves a great weekend!!!

Peace and love y'all!

(All communications from this position are here by ceased. Over and out)

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eristar said...

I'll be thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way between crazy shelter visitors tomorrow. Hoping it all goes smoothly, or as smoothly as any move ever does. I love you!
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