Monday, 4 May 2009

Good Ridance to the Past

Hey y'all

I had mixed emotions about posting what I did yesterday. But I heard the voices of all those who have read at least most of all the things I wrote in those old art books, and how many times they told me to share it. Though most of them weren't privy to those particular entries, I couldn't help but feel they may have been right. Not all of those voices are still alive today, some of what they taught me still holds true. I was going to delete said posting, but I think I'll leave it up, regardless of how bad it may make me look, and how poorly written both "poems" may be...
Oddly enough, the person my "poem" was inspired by (at the start of the verse), is the same person I am moving in with at the end of this month! Brent! I was absolved of all suspicion a few days after I wrote that. He, and another of my old friends found me walking east bound on Camp McDonald Rd.. He whipped his car around, came to a screeching halt, and they both got out of the car and rushed me from behind. I thought I was still being blamed for robbing his house, so I was preparing myself to get the crap kicked outta me, but to my surprise, he just grabbed me and hugged me, and told me that he knew it wasn't me, and took me to get some food. That meant a lot to me back then, and still brings a bit of a choke to my throat today. That was one of the defining moments, that let me know that I have a friend I can count on, through thick and thin. I will never act the way I did back then (well at least not on the legal front, and shush those of you who know one of my bad habits :), but I do need to remind myself of such times now and again. But that was then, and certainly not now!

With such a build up, I fear I must now let you down, as I can't really think of anything positive to talk about from recent times... Okay, well I made a new (online only, currently) friend, Julia, by a totally freak random argument I got into with somebody else online, and a slight case of mistaken identity. So that's cool. I made a woman's afternoon today, by bringing her her order, which she had been previously told she wouldn't get until tomorrow. That was cool, but then she brought up what everyone voice, and how I should be on the radio or something (arrrrgggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW ALREADY!)... Sorry, I just hear that nearly every damn day! Okay, a few deep breathes and I'm better now. Let's see, what else...I walked into my warehouse today, and pumping out of my IPod was I Dreamed a Dream, not being performed by Susan Boile (boyle?)!!!!!!! But by a woman who actually sang it in the first recorded performance in London! Wow, imagine that! Not that I have the entirety of Les Miserable on my IPod, but a couple tracks did make it onto a compilation my friend Brent, made a few years back. Specifically, the Lazy Sunday Discs. Okay moving on, other good/happy things from today.........................................................................................okay, I got nothin'.

So I guess I'll stop here, as it seems like as good a time as any. I hope everyone had a good weekend, and had lots of laughing and otherwise good times, and had a good meal or two to boot!

Go listen to your favorite song! Right now! And crank it as loud as you can, without the police being called!!!!!!!

Peace out y'all!

(Julia, sorry, but I had to use the backspace key a few times here and there, but I'm not gonna proof read it, hope that works for you :))

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eristar said...

I can't listen to my favorite song right now, because I'd have to go search for the CD - and since my favorite song changes every 15 minutes or so, I'd just about find the one I'k looking for and then would have to go find another's a vicious cycle!
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