Friday, 15 May 2009

Bartender please.....

Hey y'all

I'm not sure if the weather made my mood, or if my mood made the weather today. I had yet another night of horrible dreams, woke up late, didn't have time to eat breakfast, spent the entire morning starving, work was dull as hell, got an ear full of yelling for asking a question, the Cub's game was rained out (before it even started), I had no mail of any kind waiting for me when i got home, and I got a sobering email on top of all that. Oh, and it's been raining all day long, again. Oh right, I forgot that we're now under a flash flood warning... I just payed a bill, online, that I tried to set up to clear on the 23rd, but they wouldn't let me do that, so it'll go through on the 22nd instead, and probably before my payroll clears. yay. It's been almost worthy of the quote "It's been a horrible, no good, very bad day." But at least I know where my towel is, but I don't have a Babel fish in my ear... (although one would be handy from time to time)

On the so called bright side, I had amazing luck with green lights today. People seemed oddly willing to allow other people to change lanes, walk across the street without a crosswalk, turn left out of parking lots, and other random acts of kindness on the roads today! How peculiar... But hey, as somebody pointed out to me today (while I was sleeping) I seem to be sad sometimes. I do try to see all aspects of any given situation, including the ever elusive silver lining. For example, I may be dealing with a shitload of drama and other fun when it comes to my upcoming move, but it will be worth it, if only for the ability to use real fire to cook meats and the company I will have once again! The BS I'm dealing with at the moment will cease and desist soon enough. How's that for positive thinking? Oh damn, I may have just cursed myself by saying/typing that out loud, oh well! In the words of O.A.R "....Give me one shot at my life today. I don't want to be a stranger. I don't want to be just a passerby." Interpret that any way you want to, I just find that song to be inspirational to me. As low as my mind goes regularly, I do still have trace amounts of hope and aspirations. So there!

Maybe I should stop consideration for other bipeds. I am struggling to figure out what I should pack away before the new renter prospect shows up tomorrow. In my experiences hunting for non-homesteads, most of the time nobody was living there at the time. I hate feeling like I should do everything I can to make the potential renter feel at home when they show up. It's not as though I'm trying to impress them, or to welcome them into a warm place. I may be somewhat lazy when it comes to keeping my surroundings pristine, and neither is my place is a dump. I am not trying to sell this place, or rent it out to somebody. I am simply evacuating myself and my belongings in a couple weeks. I merely don't want anybody to be discouraged from renting this apartment for petty reasons, such as what hangs next to my door, or the fact that being a single and non metro sexual male means that I don't have this place set up to impress. Yet, still I care. I just know this wouldn't be such a big issue for me, if where I was moving wasn't currently occupied by bigger procrastinators. That said, I am still looking past that, and trying to focus more on the good things I will be able to realize once again.

All day I've been rough drafting this post, in my head. Amazingly, only a tiny bit of what I had composed actually made it's way into this! That's probably a good thing for you readers of my ramblings... Now that I brought that up I feel inspired to go there, but instead I will keep my insanity to myself. I hope that brings some kind of smile to you face!

Peace out y'all, and go have some fun for me! Drink (what ever you choose to), laugh, eat and be merry! I will turn on some music now, and try not to drink myself into a stooper on this Friday night.....

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eristar said...

Ah, there it is! I have no idea why my computer would not show me your Friday post...but I snuck up on it and here we are!
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