Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Who Needs a Title?

Hey y'all!

I hope everyone is having a good day/night so far, on this Tuesday! I'd love to say that I am, but for the most part it has been absurdly standard. Until about 5 minutes before I left work that is. I answered a phone call from a guy who had heavy southern accent, who wanted to know how he was supposed to share the Famous Amos cookies I'd shipped with his last order with the 200 people he had working for him? It's been a while since I've talked first hand with a person with a drawl, and at first I thought he was saying the actual name of the cookie makers, but I soon figured out that he was saying famous anus! Now normally I don't find such crude humor the least amusing, at work anyway, but I ran with it. Suddenly I could hear people in the background laughing their asses off at my responses, and discovered I was on speaker phone! Luckily, when he requested one of my bosses, he started off the conversation the same way, and Matt ran with it too (not unexpectedly)! Whew! A short time later, I was in my car traveling home. I got about a block away from my apartment, and noticed that there had been an accident just in front of the entrance to my building. Yes, day two of seeing an accident on my way home from work! This one wasn't nearly as severe, but it did involve one of my neighbors. Luckily, the entrance was accessible, but more luckily there were no serious injuries involved today. Anyway, I made my way inside, and proceeded to write another "letter" to a certain short/cute/witty/smart somebody that has been taking up some considerable real estate where concern over moving should be in my mind of late, and that made me feel......well...happy! (I think you know who you are, the Beatles even wrote a song to your namesake...)

Speaking of happiness, I can barely start to imagine the mind boggling thrill that my old friend, Chantelle, must be experiencing! She just found out yesterday that the paranormal investigation group she started, P.E.G., was chosen by Pilgrim Productions and SciFi to be the group for the next version of Ghost Hunters!!! Hell yeah Chantelle, you rock on with your bad self!!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that?! It's so awesome in fact, that I kinda feel bad about continuing on with my blog!

Begrudgingly, I digress.

On WGN Radio today, the topic of injuries sustained around the house which caused you to consider making your house a safer dwelling came up. I had flashbacks of all the injuries attained in the house I grew up in, by all the family members, and a smile came to my face. The memory of the oven shooting fireballs at us, and the odd looks we were given at the ER waiting room while I was waiting for any number of stitches. Oh, those were the days... Luckily everybody involved survived, my parents didn't get imprisoned for abuse, and we can all laugh about everything now! To my dismay, however, one of the next topics was about pesky insects. The first caller was a woman who had been covered in ticks. Been there, done that! Not fun!!!!!! That was about 8 years ago, and to this day, anytime somebody brings up ticks or chiggers, my skin starts reliving the sensations! Arrrgg, stupid sensory recall!!!!!! (Marley has discretely positioned himself just under my legs, and I damn near squashed him, stupid cats! I tell ya!) You'd think that Marley would have sensory recall, from every time I didn't look down before removing my legs from resting on my coffee table, and ended up crushing him with my deceivingly heavy feet and legs! Again, cats, I tell ya!

Well I think that does it for now. I'm going to now crank up the Flogging Molly that just came on my stereo, and sing and dance like an idiot, until my spine says otherwise! Have yourselves a great night, and take care of yourselves, laughing along the way!

Peace out y'all!

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eristar said...

hee hee - I may never look at those cookies at the store again without giggling...
Yay, Chantelle! Way to go!
Happy Wednesday!
NONALLI - but thanks anyway...